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Hey everyone,

I compiled the usage statistics of all the mons used in the first round of the RU Trios Tournament. A few games weren't played, and a few are still to be played (delayed), but some trends to observe:

:tinkaton: was the most used mon by a pretty sizable margin. It's unique typing and coverage was well received in the first round, with many teams using it to absorb Toxic's or set up rocks / spread paralysis. Gigaton Hammer remains the best steel type move in the game and Mold Breaker allows for an OHKO on Mimikyu's, another high usage mon. Play Rough as a STAB Fairy move also hits some of the high usage mons for super effective damage, making Tinka a great asset to any team even without attack investment.

:Iron Jugulis: and :Krookodile: tied for second in usage. Both of these mons are favored as offensive threats that can rip through teams after a Booster Energy or Moxie boost, with Jug's wide coverage and Krook's STAB Knock Off / Earthquake hindering teams chipped down throughout the course of a game. Krook also is given coverage in its ability to setup rocks or taunt opposing defensive cores. If you predict Scarf on Krook and it's actually a Scale Shot Moxie set, you run into significant problems.

:Cyclizar: and :mimikyu: tied for fourth in usage. Cyclizar remains the best spinner in the tier and can pivot around with a combination of HDB and Regenerator keeping it alive for a long time. Mimikyu is nearly guaranteed a free Swords Dance and has STAB priority in Shadow Sneak, along with recovery moves like Drain Punch and Leech Life, that can punch holes in teams.

:quagsire: and :talonflame: tied for sixth in usage. Both of these mons serve as valuable defensive pieces to the teams they're found on: Quagsire can run Unaware or Water Absorb and spread spikes and toxic, while Talonflame can switch into physical attacks such as U-Turn and spread burn, while remaining in the game with it's combination of Defog and Roost.

The most interesting things to note (in my not-so expert opinion):

:maushold: was only found on five teams. Given the sheer power of Tidy Up + Population Bomb, many teams ran at least one mon with Rocky Helmet. While Protective Pads can circumvent this problem, you risk missing an early Pop Bomb if you don't utilize Wide Lens, and one thing Maushold lacks is longevity. Getting a prediction wrong with the mice will lose you one of the most potent sweepers.

:Abomasnow: found it's way onto two teams this round. That's higher usage than :diancie:, :Gardevoir:, :Scream Tail: and :Tauros-Paldea-Aqua:.

:quagsire: and :vaporeon: both had good usage this round, functioning to stop potential rain team's from getting out of control. :milotic: is another bulky water that can switch into a lot of the more offensive threats in the tier. This particular trio offers a lot of versatility in the teambuilder and makes arguably the best weather (since :lilligant-hisui: got banned) a moot point.


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